Software Design for Medical Devices

More about Software Design for Medical Devices:

  • Ensure your product development stays on schedule by creating a pro-active risk management structure and software design strategy - with an exclusive case study from Medtronic
  • Create the right infrastructure and company processes to prepare for your MDSAP audit – the only way into Canada now! With expert guidance and first hand experience in our hands-on workshop with GE Healthcare
  • Develop innovative software that delivers what your users really need through a human factors and usability analysis with Dexcom and Sanofi
  • Understand the implications of European and American regulatory changes and make sure your device is compliant – The FDA and MHRA share their tips
  • Learn how to scale your agile adoption for companies and teams of all sizes and incorporate new development methodologies with an exclusive case study by Mirada and our Development Training Day!
  • Secure your software and devices against the threat of rising cyber security risks across the product lifecycle the threat and impact of rising cyber security risks – how can we be proactive in addressing this concern across the product lifecycle – with expert guidance from The CQI

Software Design for Medical Devices 2018 Agenda

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